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Sports Cards December 2006 Archive


Before and After the Holidays Not Only Good Times to Sell

Thursday December 28, 2006
The holiday season is coming to a close, so here's hoping all of your sports card collecting wishes came true. If you were looking to divest yourself of part of ... Read More

If the Question is Who to Collect, Nuggets Fans Have New Answer

Thursday December 21, 2006
Ending weeks of speculation, the Sixers finally completed a trade that sent Allen Iverson west to Denver. There's no question Iverson will have an impact on his new team, but ... Read More

Speak the Language of Sports Card Collectors

Tuesday December 19, 2006
Confused by something you read in a sports card magazine? Feel like the other customers at your local card shop are speaking in tongues? Decipher all of the hobby lingo ... Read More

Beckett Readers Pick Best Baseball Cards of 2006

Sunday December 17, 2006
The votes are in. The readers of Beckett Baseball magazine have made their picks for the year's best baseball cards in categories ranging from Product of the Year (Topps Allen ... Read More

NFL Second Round Rookies Grabbing Hobby Attention

Friday December 15, 2006
No NFL rookie class in recent memory has been as highly anticipated as the current one, and top picks like Reggie Bush, Vince Young and Matt Leinart have proven worthy ... Read More

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