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1991 Brett Favre Rookie Card Checklist


There might not be another player who has ever played in the NFL who's as widely identified with one team as Brett Favre. To millions of fans and collectors, Favre didn't just play quarterback for the Green Bay Packers; he was the Green Bay Packers. So how much would a Brett Favre rookie card mean to a Packers versus, say, a Jets fan or even a fan of the Minnesota Vikings?

Favre earned the distinction of being a true Packer by starting every game and taking almost every snap from 1992 through 2007. It almost didn't happen though, as his standout career at Southern Mississippi ended with his selection in the second round of the 1991 NFL draft by the Atlanta Falcons. When it quickly became apparent he wasn't in the team's plans, he was dealt to the Packers before his second NFL season.

The rest is literally history. Favre won Super Bowls, MVP awards and earned numerous Pro Bowl and All-Pro selections. He's won more games that any quarterback in NFL history, owns bunches of passing records and has a pretty good chance of owning more career marks before he calls it a career.

But Favre's appeal to collectors goes beyond the numbers. His sheer moxie and willingness to attempt throws no other QB would dare try have won him many admirers. And while his freewheeling style hasn't served him quite as well in the later stages of his career - he threw more interceptions than touchdowns between 2005 and 2006 - it didn't seem to diminish his love for the game.

That became apparent during the summer of 2008. Months after tearfully announcing his retirement, Favre had a change of heart and applied for reinstatement to the NFL. But the Packers had installed Aaron Rodgers as the starter and drafted a pair of quarterbacks, making them reluctant to accept him back. After a stalemate that lasted for several days, the Packers traded Favre to the New York Jets.

After the 2008 season, Favre told his new team he was, once again, retiring. But after being granted a release from his contract, an event that was fraught with controversy and drawn out over several months, Favre shocked just about everyone in the football world by signing with the Minnesota Vikings in August 2009. He would go on to play nearly two more seasons for the Vikes before suffering a concussion after getting sacked in a game against the Chicago Bears in December 2010 that would ultimately be his last.

The production levels of the early 90's make Favre's rookie cards a downright steal. Several of them can be found for under $10, though that may not be the case whenever he gets his well-deserved call to Canton. His most valuable rookie is his Stadium Club # 94, which is a famous uncorrected error card that spells his last name phonetically (Farve) instead of the proper way.

Brett Favre 1991 Rookie Cards

  • Action Packed Rookie Update # 21
  • Pacific # 551
  • Pro Set # 762
  • Pro Set Platinum # 290
  • Score # 611
  • Stadium Club # 94
  • Ultra # 283
  • Upper Deck # 13
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