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A jersey card is a card containing a piece of material taken from a jersey worn by a player or athlete. The most popular jersey cards are game-used or game-worn jersey cards, meaning that the material is taken from a jersey worn by the athlete in an actual sporting event. Other variations include event-worn, which come from jerseys worn by the subject at a photo shoot or other non-athletic event, and game-issued, which are taken from jerseys issued to the subject but never actually worn in competition. Cards containing jersey material that is all one color are generally seen as less desirable than multi-color jersey cards, which contain material featuring two or more colors.

When they were first introduced, jersey cards commanded high values due to their uniqueness and rarity, but the trend has been toward much lower values as the cards appear in almost every set produced in the 21st Century

Card companies constantly have to acquire game-worn uniforms to produce the jersey cards collectors expect in modern sports card brands.
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